What We Do

APK Courier is your fast and reliable deliverer for the delivery of your items (Food, Cakes, Flowers, Invitation Cards, Birthday Presents, Presents and Small Parcels) Safely and on Time.

PICK-UP: Pick-up and Delivery in 30 minutes

FOOD: Meal orders delivered to your doorstep.

ERRAND: Meal orders delivered to your doorsteps

TICKETING: Fast and prompt delivery of invitation card and letters for events

TREAT: Delivery of Cakes, Flowers and Birthday Presents

For Pick-up and delivery at your request. Apply with us

We Deliver Your package with love

You select, we collect.

  • We know the value of time
  • Your comfort is our business
  • Faster than you can imagine
  • We are on time
  • We are here for you

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